In case your IP is not working, then what to do?

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The IP address is default address which is private for many of the top broadband modems and routers like Thomson, Motorola, Aztech, Westell etc

This being a private address, it’s a part of some portion of IP addresses are specifically reserved for private network. So a device which is within this private network cannot be accessed by Internet by entering this IP address.

The Router basically assigns any device within its range and the one which needs access- a different IP address which is again private. So a network with multiple devices having Router as 192-168-1-254 netgear page consists of all devices having unique IP address which ensures there are no IP conflicts.

How to access Admin Panel to enter/set the IP address?

The purchased routers already have an IP assigned to them. To make it private, follow below steps

  1. Enter IP in the address bar of your web browser
  2. Router Console Opens
  3. Change/Modify the IP address
  4. Configure other settings
  5. Save

In case you are unable to find the router IP address, it can be found using command prompt. For the same, follow below steps

  1. Click Windows+X
  2. Power User Menu opens up.
  3. Then Click Command Prompt.
  4. Type- “ipconfig”. This will display all the connections established on your computer
  5.  Look out for “ Default Gateway”
  6. This gateway is under LAN tab
  7. The default gateway is basically the IP address of your route

Why is critical to change username and password of your router?

The routers shipped from manufacturers come with default password and username. The Manufacturers use a standard combination of username and password. Easy way of identification is seeing the sticker on the router hardware device. Example- Motorola uses Username as admin and password as admin or password. Similarly other players have basic passwords which mandatorily should be changed as soon as purchase is done to avoid any hacks/leaks from your system

In case your IP is not working, then what to do?

Try following below options before contacting the service centre of the manufacturer

  1. Ensure you have entered the correct address using HTTP://
  2. Some people mistake // with \\, so ensure correct usage
  3. Some Firewalls block the access to a new router. If yes, then change the setting of your firewall
  4. Try Resetting your router and Local Area Network by refreshing it.
  5. There can be instances where already existing routers connected to your computer, then disable those to ensure fabric settings don’t get mixed.

If the above options don’t resolve the issue, then try testing it by creating a link between another laptop (you can connect via wifi). Test by opening command prompt CMD and PING the IP address multiple times.

At last, sometimes Routers come in malfunctioned condition. You can then call up the respective customer care and get it replaced.

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