Proof of Principle/Concept/Success of GBMD

P53-dependent miRNAs regulate adipocyte differentiation 15/February/2013, 20.28
February 15, 2013
p53/63/73 functions a regulator of thermoadaptation: A pathway to Longevity 18/February/2013 8.55 am
February 18, 2013

The GBMD’s Chief-Scientist Dr Boominathan had proposed on June 16, 2006 (and 10, December, 2011) that p63 could play a role in insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity [Invention disclosure document (June 16, 2006) can be provided upon request]. Subsequently, Dr Boominathan had published on 1 September 2012 in the company website—–stating that p53/p63/p73-functions-as-regulator-of-insulin-secretionp53/p63/p73 functions as a regulator of β cells survival during the progression of TypeI/II Diabetes1;p53/p63/p73 controls age or diet-induced weight gain/glucose intolerance; & TAp63/p73/p53 inhibits adipogenesis through its target miRNAs ( Remarkably, in a rare and an astonishing coincidence (?), on Oct 3, 2012Su X and Flores ER (from MD Anderson cancer center, Houston, USA) have published a paper entitled TAp63 Is a Master Transcriptional Regulator of Lipid and Glucose Metabolism in the high profile journal Cell Metabolism (5 year impact factor:17.770) ( The above mentioned research paper was published nearly six years and four months (Oct 3, 2012) after the date of invention disclosure document (June 16, 2006) made by Dr Boominathan (

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