DNA Repair: p63 enhances TDG glycosylase activity via up regulation of its target gene, 5/September/2013, 6.04 am

p53 regulates NURR1/ NR4A2 expression through its target genes, 5/September/2013, 5.59 am
September 5, 2013
p53 regulates TH expression through its target gene, 5/September/2013, 6.08 am
September 5, 2013
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Teacher’s day special

We are happy to announce that ideas posted today (5/September/2013) will be available to the use of scientists/Professors/Teachers for free. So, there are no terms and conditions will apply. Each idea posted will be served first come, first served basis to three to five research teams.Write to Drboomi@genomediscovery.org for more details.

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