What are the Features of the Mobdro app download for Android

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Mobdro is an app developed for the android market. It is a popular video streaming app which can be downloaded on your android devices. the Mobdro app is slightly different from other video streaming apps. This is because on the Mobdro app, users can not open videos, movies or Tv shows in particular. However, much like traditional tv channels, users can scroll through various channels to choose one of their choice, and enjoy watching the videos, tv shows, movies or even documentaries showing on them at that moment.

Unlike other video streaming apps where users can choose their own choice of movies or tv shows, or even series, on the Mobdro app, they can only scroll through different channels. However, they can not choose the content of the channels, but can watch what ever is showing on the particular channel at that point of time, much like traditional televisions.

What are the features of Mobdro app?

  • The app size is simply 25.9 MB. It can easily be downloaded on your android devices.
  • The app is free of cost. However, two versions of the app are available; Premium version and Freemium version.
  • The premium app of Mobdro allows you to watch uninterrupted videos and movies without getting disturbed by any unwanted pop ups and ads.
  • There is a sleep timer option available on the Mobdro app. This allows users to set a timer option so that they do not have to worry about falling asleep and wasting their battery life. We produce High quality Wooden Hot Tubs for sale and Outdoor Saunas: www.royaltubs.co.uk Once the timer is reached, the Mobdro app will auto shut and users will not be wasting their battery life in case they are not using the Mobdro app anymore.

The Mobdro app allows users to scroll through different channels, of different topics and even different languages. It is one of the most popular live video streaming apps available. Download Mobdro and enjoy unlimited videos and movies for free!

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