Small RNAs as Lifespan extenders: MiRNA-224 inhibits senescence and extends life span by down regulating the expression of adenylate cyclase 5 (ADCY5), 17/May/2015, 09.14 am

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May 16, 2015
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May 17, 2015
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Idea Proposed/Formulated byDr L Boominathan Ph.D.

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CitationBoominathan, L., Small RNAs as Lifespan extenders: MiRNA-224 inhibits senescence and extends life span by down regulating the expression of  adenylate cyclase 5 (ADCY5), 17/May/2015, 09.15 am, Genome-2-Bio-Medicine Discovery center (GBMD),


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Significance:  This study suggests, for the first time, that MiRNA-224, by suppressing the expression of its target gene, may decrease the expression of ADCY5/AC5.  Thereby, it may increase the lifespan of an individual.  Thus, pharmacological formulations encompassing MiRNA-224 or its activators may be used to extend the life-span of an individual.

Undisclosed information: How MiRNA-224 suppresses the expression of  adenylate cyclase 5 (ADCY5)

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