August 31, 2015

Natural product-based Lifespan extension therapy: Piperidine alkaloids, isolated from the fruits of P. retrofractum Vahl, activate autophagy and extend lifespan via up regulation of ATG5, 31/Aug/2015, 10.54 pm

A study from the Global Research Laboratory, Seoul National University, Korea shows that “Overexpression of Atg5 in mice activates autophagy and extends lifespan.” This study was published in the online […]
August 31, 2015

Small molecule-based therapy for increased exercise tolerance and stamina: Apo-10′-lycopenoic acid increases the expression of bidirectional mitochondrial matrix enzyme carnitine acetyltransferase, increases carnitine levels in muscles, and promotes exercise endurance/tolerance via down regulation of its target gene, 31/August/2015, 10.43 pm

A recent study from the Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, Duke University, Durham, NC 27704, USA; Sarah W. Stedman Nutrition and Metabolism Center and Duke Molecular […]
August 31, 2015

MiRNA-based therapy for Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: Apoptosis-stimulating protein of p53 (ASPP-1) increases TRF1 expression and ameliorates pulmonary fibrosis via up regulation of its target gene, 31/August/2015, 10.33 pm

A study from the Spanish National Cancer Centre, Melchor Fernández Almagro 3, Madrid, Spain“ shows that: “Mice with Pulmonary Fibrosis Driven by Telomere Dysfunction.” This study was published in the 14 July 2015 issue of […]