Amino acid-based Lifespan extension therapy: L-Leucine prolongs mammalian life span via down regulation of angiotensin II type I receptor (AT1R), 22/March/2017, 9.14 am

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Significance of the study:

It has been shown earlier that antagonizing angiotensin II type I receptor (AT1R) expression may prolong mammalian life span. Further, it has been shown that disruption of AT1R (AGTR1) gene results in marked prolongation of mammalian lifespan. 

From research findings to therapeutic opportunity

This study suggests, for the first time, that Leucine, by increasing the expression of its target genes,  it may decrease the expression of AT1R.

Leucine inhibit AT1R expression and promotes longevity

Figure1. Mechanistic insights into how the branch chain amino acid L-Leucine functions as a longevity- promoter. L-Leucine, by increasing the expression of its downstream target genes, down regulates A1TR expression and promotes longevity.


Leucine க்கான பட முடிவு

Figure 2. Amino acid Leucine inhibits A1TR expression and extends life-span

And, thereby, it may: (1) decrease blood pressure; (2) decrease blood sugar levels; (3) inhibit pulmonary fibrosis; (4) enhance bacterial immunity; (5) inhibit myocardial infarction; (6) decelerate ageing process; and (4) extend the lifespan of an individual. Thus, pharmacological formulations encompassing “Leucine or its analogues or Leucine in combination with other anti-ageing/longevity promoting compounds” may be used to extend the lifespan of an individual (Figures 1-2).

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Details of the research findings: 

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Undisclosed mechanistic information: How  does Leucine suppress the expression of  angiotensin II type I receptor (AT1R)? 

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CitationBoominathan, L., Amino acid-based Lifespan extension therapy: L-Leucine prolongs mammalian life span via down regulation of angiotensin II type I receptor (AT1R), 22/March/2017, 9.14 am, Genome-2-Bio-Medicine Discovery center (GBMD),

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