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Amino acid-based therapy for tuberculosis: Taurine (2-aminoethanesulfonic acid), found abundantly in cotton cheese and Granola among others, deacetylates RelA/p65, inhibits inflammatory gene expression downstream of RelA/p65, inhibits TB pathogenesis, increases the efficacy of anti-TB drug, and promotes M. tuberculosis clearance via up regulation of its target gene, 14/April/2017, 8.58 am
April 14, 2017
Bio-Magnetic therapy for prostate cancer bone metastasis: Low frequency magnetic fields inhibits the expression of Monoamine oxidase A (MAOA), inhibits Shh-IL6-RANKL signaling network, suppresses tumor-stromal interactions, reduces prostate cancer metastasis and prolongs survival via up regulation of its target gene, 15/April/2017, 11.01 pm
April 15, 2017
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Nowadays, there are different types of apps which allow you to edit videos. You can edit any video on these apps. But, you cannot edit all the videos for free. These apps ask you to pay some money in order to edit some of the videos. However, we can provide you with one such app that allows you to edit all sorts of videos without spending even a single penny. Vivavideo is an app that can be downloaded from the internet and then you can start editing your videos. Not only this, you can also make movies with the edited video clips.

Therefore, you can have two luxuries at the same time. One of the most important things that one should keep in mind while editing the video is the transition. The transition is basically an effect that you add in joining two or more video clips together. Transition helps in diminishing the jerk in the video. However, if you fail to apply the transition perfectly, then your video or movie will not look good. One of the greatest advantages of using this video editor app is that it lets you edit all types of videos. The video can be in any format and you can edit it. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the format in which the video was saved earlier. There are some video editor apps that only support a particular video format and you won’t be able to edit all sorts of videos on such apps.

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Therefore, if you are a professional video editor, then it is very much important that you have a good video editor app so that you don’t face any difficulty. The app runs on all android devices and you can download it from the Google play store. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, you don’t need to pay anything for downloading or using this app. All you need to do is just download it on your device and then you can use it for an unlimited period of time. This video editing app also lets you edit images. So, there is no limit to its usage as along with the video clips, you can also edit the still images. No other video editing app provides you with such luxury. Therefore, it can be an asset for all the professional as well as part-time editors who face difficulties in editing videos and images.

Nowadays, you can find an app for almost everything and the competition among the app manufacturing companies has tightened. Therefore, in order to emerge as the best company, many app manufacturing companies tends to provide the customers improper or not so good apps. However, we make sure that you get the best video editing app. This app is very light and doesn’t acquire a lot of space on your device. It is compatible with all android devices and runs smoothly on them.

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