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May 8, 2017
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May 8, 2017
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Best horror and gore flick ever have appreciated the different changes of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Red Shoes in every one of its incarnations including Michael Powell’s, who was more prominent for his dubious film Peeping Tom. With the Korean blood and gore flick wave come another rendition of The Red Shoes in 2005 which ended up a run of the mill of the look of these Korean thrillers. Download Showbox for iPhone to Watch more movie online for free.

The unpleasant young lady with long hair who could do body twisting from Cirque de Soleil. The story has been keeping on keeping the audience engaged with horror scene and random threatening sounds to feel the real fear while watching the movies. It has been categorized as one of the best horror movies in English and lot of audience rated it as the best movie, and thus if you are someone who loves to watch the horror movie, it is one of the best options.

So here’s the quick summation for The Red Shoes. Set in Seoul, the film takes after Sun Jae (Kim Hye Soo, likewise in “Three: Memories”) who, in the wake of getting her better half with another lady, moves into a dilapidated old condo working alongside her lovable youthful girl, Tae Soo. Endeavoring to subside into their new life, Sun Jae runs over a new pair of red shoes when she’s going on the tram, and chooses to take them home. In all motion pictures, it appears that battling individuals dependably take the metro, yet they’re not battling excessively or else they’d be taking the transport, I presume.


Normally with any blood and gore movie, when you discover something of significant worth, it’s a dependable pipe dream, and in this manner the shoes end up being scolded and apply a vile control over each one of the individuals who come into contact with them, prompting expected passings and catastrophe. Fundamentally they for the most part influence the wearer to move to their death while Buffy The Vampire Slayer had their variety of that with their splendid melodic scene. In the end, with Tae Soo’s life remaining in a precarious situation, Sun Jae and new inside planner beau Cheol (Kim Sung Soo) urgently attempt to unwind the riddle of the shoes previously it’s past the point of no return.

Dreadful impact

It’s not the best of the Korean blood and gore flick wave, yet the excellence of The Red Shoes is that the executive (Yong-gyun Kim) never overlooks that the first story was a thriller and sticks immovably too it giving us some great chills and dreadful impacts. So in case you’re a major awfulness fan, The Red Shoes merits looking at alongside Michael Powell’s variant which was more dilettantish yet had a chilling impact.


Due to the plotting of story and excellent horror scene movie has been appreciated by a lot of audiences and still considered to be one of the best movies. I hope, you also have the same verdict, but if you have any doubt in mind, please drop the suggestion or query in the comment box.

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