February 9, 2019

Combinatorial therapy for metastatic prostate cancer: A therapeutic mix encompassing Metformin and Navitoclax/ABT-263 (MAN) inhibits the expression of CDC42, CDC42EP3, RAC1 and ARPC5, and GAS6, suppresses the expression of stem cell molecules CD44 and EZH2, promotes epithelial phenotype, suppresses tumorigenesis, migration, invasion, stem cell regeneration and metastasis via upregulation of its target gene, 9/February/2018, 6.53 am

Introduction: What they say: A study from the Department of Epigenetics and Molecular Carcinogenesis, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Science Park, Texas 78957, USA […]
February 9, 2019

A probiotic way to stay free of diabetes: Probiotic Lactobacillus casei-based therapy for body weight control, energy homeostasis and TIIDM: Probiotic Lactobacillus casei CCFM419 inhibits DNA methyltransferase 3a (Dnmt3a) expression, increases FGF21 expression, augments insulin sensitivity, increases glucose tolerance, and protects from diet-induced obesity and TIIDM, via up-regulation of its target gene, 9/February/2018, 6.39 am

Introduction: What they say  A study from Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology Department, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, United States shows that “Dnmt3a is an epigenetic mediator […]
February 9, 2019

Ribonucleic acid-based therapy for cardiac diseases: MDRL (Mitochondrial dynamic related lncRNA) decreases the expression of Sox6, restores the balance between slow- and fast-twitch myofiber proteins and alleviates Cardiomyopathy, via up-regulation of its target gene, 9/February/2019, 6.21 am

Introduction: What they say   A study from the Department of Cardiology, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; and Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA shows that “Trbp regulates heart […]
February 6, 2019

Amino acid-based therapy for body weight control, energy homeostasis, and TIIDM: Amino acid L-Alanine  increases REV-ERB and its downstream target genes, inhibits lipid accumulation, improves dyslipidemia and insulin sensitivity, increases energy utilization, promotes weight loss and protects from diet-induced obesity and TIIDM, via up-regulation of its target gene, 6/February/2019, 11.42 pm

Introduction: What they say A study from the Department of Molecular Therapeutics, The Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, Florida 33458, USA shows that “Regulation of circadian behavior […]