Your Hyperlocal Social Marketplace Guide To Find the Best in Your City

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In today’s world where everything is done at the click of a button, going out and exploring the city has become rather underrated. While there was a time when one used to discover a place simply because they headed in the wrong direction or during their long walks, now, advanced technology has helped us do all of that and much more on our palmtops and screened devices.

If you are wondering where is it that this article is going, well, we are talking about IamHere, a Bangalore based hyperlocal social marketplace, or in simpler words, your guide to going around in the city. It does everything you as a person would like, from business to your outings, and everything else as well.

Let’s quickly list down 7 reasons why IamHere guides you just about right:

1. Full of information

IamHere is an application that gives you all the information you would need and could probably use for your business, or planning out your weekend, and many other things for that matter. The app knows that information is the key to the entertainment, or work that follows.

2. Local connect

Since you are looking at places or people around you, it lets you set the location and then, curates all other things accordingly. You can set yourself up on the app, and with that, you’ll get to know everything that’s happening and people around as well.

3. Curated events

IamHere helps you with a list of events around you, and also adds events organized by the team to help you out when you are stuck on deciding a place to go to, or a restaurant to each.

4. Various categories available

If you are simply looking out for something that relates to books, or something about arts and culture, or anything that can be categorized, you have options to choose from and finally begin to explore one that most relates to you, or fits your requirement.

5. Make connections

Apart from places and things, you also get to know people who are around you, and in fact, even connect with them via the IamHere chat. Who knows you might find a BFF right in your local area?

6. Work connections

IamHere app also allows users to list small businesses, and if nothing, one can network with people and spread a word about their business, get to know similar businesses around, and indulge in conversation. For starters, this could turn out to be a great place for many.

7. NGOs

A rather unique feature, the NGO listings might surprise many, and well, if nothing, it is rather impressive. It shows you a list of NGOs around from a diverse range of fields, and if it is something that interests you, you can get to know more about how they function, things they do, etc by simply chatting with them.

To round it up, the IamHere app is indeed a blessing to anyone who is looking at discovering the city, or someone who is new to a place!

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