Apple’s FaceTime Download App for PC Windows

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Apple’s Facetime video calling is perhaps one of their most-used features. It lets people with iPhones, iPads, and Macs make easy video calls to one another. You can’t make Facetime calls from Windows, but there are several other ways to make video calls—even to iPhone users.

FaceTime is one of the finest applications which is developed by Apple, for video calling and communication. Facetime has amazing features that have made it a favorite for the uses. Earlier, this application was made only for iPhone and Mac users but as the demand and the popularity of the application increased, the users started demanding to know how to download facetime app from website as well as Facetime for Android.

Features of Facetime

  • Facetime is a free application that only requires its users to have a proper internet connection. This means that you don’t have to purchase the app neither have to buy any specific feature of the app.
  • This application is an official one and anyone around the world can use it. You can Facetime your cousin in Paris or your family back in Sydney without worrying about any roaming charges.
  • Not only video calling, Facetime even allows its users to make a voice call to anyone around the world.
  • Unlike other similar applications, one does not have to worry about connecting with anyone around the globe.
  • You would get the highest quality video calling through facetime. The application makes sure that the video calling is of HD quality, though the resolution of the video depends on the type of device that the user is using.
  • It also has this amazing feature of cross-connecting. You can Facetime on PC with your friend who is using an android device. It can connect iOS devices with Android and Windows users without any difficulty.
  • Facetime for PC allows the users to make a conference video with around 10 people at a single time.
  • You can even hide calls from the call list, that you don’t want others to see.
  • There is even an option of “favorites” where you can add your favorite contacts.
  • The application adds all your contacts in its list and shows you who among your contacts, are in Facetime.

Facetime For Windows Download

  1. First amazing Feature, the user can make both Audio and Video calls to stay connected with each other.
  2. Facetime for Windows PC download is free of cost and safe to use for any user.
  3. Facetime is an official app so any person can use it.
  4. People can make free voice calls with Wi-Fi or Mobile data.
  5. Facetime gives Visuals of HD Quality and its resolution depends on the respective device.
  6. When someone calls you on Facetime, you can answer the calls with a single tap.
  7. On Facetime, the user does not need to spend a single penny to make or receive calls.
  8. For Facetime on PC, the user does not have to pay any domestic and international charges.
  9. Facetime gives a user-friendly interface.
  10. With Facetime, Users can connect different devices like Windows PC & Mac iOS without any hassle.
  11. If users want to hide or block calls on Facetime, they will do it.
  12. With facetime, specific data charges will be applicable for those who are accessing the internet via their Mobile Networks.
  13. Facetime application will sync all the contacts from the user address book to the app and connect you to all other users.
  14. In the Facetime App, users can add their favorite callers to their Favourites List.
  15. Users can make conference calls easily and can communicate with 9 to 10 people simultaneously with Facetime on PC.
  16. For Installation of Facetime, there is no more Setup process, just by using Apple ID and Password you can install Facetime.

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