How to Use iTunes On Windows 10 64 bit PC For Free

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Apple made available its iTunes on the Windows Store for Windows 10. Ever since then, the official iTunes page on Apple’s website has stopped offering the desktop version of the software. If you visit the official iTunes download page on Apple’s website from a PC running Windows 10, you see Get it from Microsoft icon which redirects you to the Windows Store app in Windows 10. Although the app version a little lighter on system resources and doesn’t annoy you with Apple Software Update prompt, it comes with its own share of issues.

The movie and TV collection you always wished for. Granted. With over 85,000 movies and more than 300,000 TV shows to choose from, there’s always something great to watch on iTunes 64-bit. Catch up on your favorite TV episodes or hit movies you’ve been meaning to see — anytime, anywhere. Just tap to play, or even download the latest version of iTunes on Windows 8.1 if you’re going somewhere you won’t have Wi-Fi.

1. Crank up your favorite browser and head to iTunes. Apple redirects your browser to a different page, but that’s okay. You end up in the right place, which looks like the landing page shown.

2. Tap or click the Download iTunes button. Apple kindly offers you an opportunity to sign up for its spam, er, mailing lists, and requests your email address. Don’t give it to them.

3. Deselect any boxes, and don’t type your email address, but do tap or click the Download Now button. Your browser downloads the correct version — 32-bit or 64-bit. Depending on which browser you’re using, you may have to tap or click something to save and run the downloaded file.

In the standard splash screen that appears, tap or click Next. The installer options are shown here appear.

5. Deselect the Use iTunes as the Default Player for Audio Files and the Automatically Update iTunes and Other Apple Software checkboxes. In the past, Apple has used the update “permission” to bother iTunes users into installing Safari and putting ten new icons on the desktop.

If you let iTunes take over all your audio files, it appears in all sorts of weird places and does things that aren’t at all intuitive. Most importantly, if iTunes is your default audio player, every time you click an audio file, you have to wait and wait and wait and wait for iTunes to get itself put together and start playing the tune.

6. Tap or click Install. The installer splashes an ad on your screen, does its thing, and ends several minutes later with a Congratulations! message.

7. Tap or click Finish. You can quit at this point, or you can continue on to start iTunes for the first time.

What If You Forgot Admin Account Password on Windows 10?

iTunes is a state of the art tool to manage your music li/paries and manage iOS devices. If you have multiple user accounts on your computer, you must know the admin account password to install iTunes Windows. But what if you forgot the Admin account password? Then, you won’t be able to install iTunes. But you need not worry, as PassFab 4WinKey will help you reset the admin password and you will be able to download iTunes for Windows 10. Furthermore, you will be able to remove the admin or user account password, create a new user and Microsoft account as well as unlock a locked computer.

TRADITIONAL DESKTOP VERSION The traditional desktop version of iTunes carries a lion’s share of bugs and glitches. Hence, updating it is very important, especially if you are encountering serious issues while using it. These three methods should help you Update iTunes to the latest version.

1. Update via iTunes

If you can open iTunes without issues, then updating the program is quite easy. After opening iTunes, open the Help menu, and then click Check for Updates.

That should initiate a scan for updates. If there are any updates available, follow the onscreen instructions to install them.

2. Update via Apple Software Update

If iTunes fails to launch, then you can instead use Apple Software Update to update the program. Apple Software Update is a complementary applet that comes bundled in with iTunes, so it should already be present on your computer.

Start by typing apple software update into the Start menu. Afterward, click Open. Wait for the program to scan for available updates. If there are any, install them.

3. Update via iTunes Installer

At times, attempting to update iTunes using the two methods above could fail — iTunes or One Stop for Apple Lovers – where Apple Software Update can hang while downloading the update files.

If this happens, you can use the iTunes installer instead to update iTunes. Start by downloading the latest version of iTunes from the Apple website.

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