Genome-2-Bio-Medicine Discovery center (GBMD)

  • Ideas are  uncommon and unique.  This is because everyone’s educational background is different. As a result, every one’s thinking process is different.  Consequently, his/her ability to connect/understand complex biological/pathological mechanism differs.
  • Even individuals with similar educational background may not come up with the same ideas, if they miss one or two important links.
  • Ideas can even be life changing.
  • Coming up with innovative ideas depends on whether an individual is  intensely, consistently, constantly, & comprehensively looking/searching for ideas in the areas of  his/her interest.
  • Developing an idea requires in depth knowledge in the chosen subject. It is said that “knowledge is money  & confidential knowledge is the most precious currency” (Nature, January, 2013).
  • Starting point of any noble project starts with best of the best ideas.
  • As working professionals/faculties in academic institutions/Scientists in Industries/Research Institutions/Post-doctoral  fellows/Graduate students/Researchers, at times, we find it difficult to keep up with the scientific literature.  This could be attributed to a number of factors.
  • It is said that working person’s brain can not be the best thinking person’s brain.
  • In science, it is said that who says the first word is more important than who says the last word (or the subsequent or next words).
  • “In science, only those are remembered, who say either the first word in science or the last word in science”
  • Essentially, in Science, if you miss one important link, then you may miss the whole project which could give you an edge over your competitors.
  • If any one highlights that point–an invaluable  information– then you may write  grant applications, do experiments, publish your research paper in top-notch journals, and even patent your invention.
  • Excellent Scientists do not share their ideas, they keep the ideas to their own research groups.  Unfortunately, a number of scientists/post doctoral fellows/graduate students who work for them are limited.
  • Excellent Scientists do not reveal their ideas until they are published or patented. In a way, they hog the ideas. Because of this, the bio-medical science, which requires an urgent scientific or technological advancement, suffers.  Eventually, the patients, who require medicines for their treatment.
  • Here  at Genome-2-Bio-Medicine Discovery centre (GBMD), we aim to break this barrier by providing bio-medical ideas to scientists to serve science relentlessly with immense passion.
  • The main goal of bio-medical research is to make human beings to lead a healthier lives.  This goal can be achieved fast only  when we share our bio-medical ideas in a professional/self-less manner.
  • The GBMD aims to provide ideas, hypothesis, a meaningful correlation/connection, with which you can  write grants, do experiments to test the ideas, publish your results in high profile scientific journals before others do, and patent your invention.
  • We only provide ideas with appropriate references that you can find in the Bio-medical literature.
  • We only provide unpublished ideas that one will not find in the published literature. 
  • By providing bio-medical ideas to Scientists, we help the research to advance/progress so that patients–who suffer from various illnesses–can reap its benefits at the earliest, as this is the central goal of bio-medical research.
  • Another important goal of GBDM is to specialize in miRNA therapeutics.
  • We intend to offer innovative M.S courses in Bio-Medical Sciences. This is certainly a step forward in the right direction to revolutionize bio-medical education.  One can read more about it under B-MERIT.
  • The  GBMD  has published numerous research papers in high profile international journals/international/National conferences in the last few years (Jan 2006 – Jun 2007 and  July 2008 – to date).
  • One of the research article was published in Plos One (Boominathan, 2010), the data presented in this study was found to be reproduced recently in top-notch journals, such as Cell, Nature, and J Clin  Invest.  This is one of the most down loaded/read article of the year 2010-2011.  Another article published in Cancer and Metastasis rev (Impact factor: 10.573) was also the most down loaded article of the year 2010-2011.  Last but not least, data published from the GBMD– published in Nature precedings, 2009– was found to be reproduced in one of the premier journals namely Nature cell biology.

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