About Us


  • We generate bio-medical/pharma/therapeutic/clinical ideas for the scientific community.
  • Ideas can even be life changing.
  • Good Ideas are  uncommon and unique.  This is because everyone’s educational background is different. As a result, every one’s thinking process is different.  Consequently, his/her ability to connect/understand complex biological/pathological mechanism differs.
  • Even individuals with similar educational background may not come up with the same ideas, if they miss one or two important links.
  • Coming up with innovative ideas depends on whether an individual is  intensely, consistently, constantly, & comprehensively looking/searching for ideas in the areas of  his/her interest.
  • Developing an idea requires in depth knowledge in the chosen subject. It is said that “knowledge is money and confidential knowledge is the most precious currency of all” (Nature, January, 2013).  “An investment in Knowledge pays the best Interest“-B. Franklin
  • Starting point of any noble project starts with best of the best ideas.
  • As working professionals/faculties in academic institutions/Scientists in Industries/Research Institutions/Post-doctoral  fellows/Graduate students/Researchers, at times, we find it difficult to keep up with the scientific literature.  This could be attributed to a number of factors.
  • It is said that working person’s brain can not be the best thinking person’s brain.
  • In science, it is said that who says the first word is more important than who says the last word (or the subsequent or next words).
  • “In science, only those are remembered, who say either the first word or the last word”
  • Essentially, in Science, if you miss one important link, then you may miss the whole project which could give you an edge over your competitors.
  • If any one highlights that point–an invaluable  information– then you may write  grant applications, do experiments, publish your research paper in top-notch journals, and even patent your invention.
  • Excellent Scientists do not share their ideas, they keep the ideas to their own research groups.  Unfortunately, a number of scientists/post doctoral fellows/graduate students who work for them are limited.
  • Excellent Scientists do not reveal their ideas until they are published or patented. In a way, they hog the ideas. Because of this, the bio-medical science, which requires an urgent scientific or technological advancement, suffers.  Eventually, the patients, who require medicines for their treatment.
  • Here  at Genome-2-Bio-Medicine Discovery centre (GBMD), we aim to break this barrier by providing bio-medical ideas to scientists to serve science relentlessly with immense passion.
  • The main goal of bio-medical/pharma/therapeutic/clinical research is to make human beings to lead healthier lives.  This goal can be achieved fast only  when we share our bio-medical ideas in a professional/self-less manner.
  • The GBMD aims to provide ideas, hypothesis, a meaningful correlation/connection, with which you can  write grants, do experiments to test the ideas, publish your results in high profile scientific journals before others do, and patent your invention.
  • We only provide ideas with appropriate references that you can find in the Bio-medical literature.
  • We only provide unpublished ideas that one will not find in the published literature. 
  • By providing bio-medical ideas to Scientists, we help the research to advance/progress so that patients–who suffer from various illnesses–can reap its benefits at the earliest, as this is the central goal of bio-medical research.
  • Another important goal of GBDM is to specialize in miRNA therapeutics.
  • We intend to offer innovative M.S courses in Bio-Medical Sciences. This is certainly a step forward in the right direction to revolutionize bio-medical education.  One can read more about it under B-MERIT.
  • The  GBMD  has published numerous research papers in high profile international journals/international/National conferences in the last few years (Jan 2006 – Jun 2007 and  July 2008 – to date).
  • One of the research article was published in Plos One (Boominathan, 2010), the data presented in this study was found to be reproduced recently in top-notch journals, such as Cell, Nature, and J Clin  Invest.  This is one of the most down loaded/read article of the year 2010-2011.  Another article published in Cancer and Metastasis rev (Impact factor: 10.573) was also the most down loaded article of the year 2010-2011.  Last but not least, data published from the GBMD– published in Nature precedings, 2009– was found to be reproduced in one of the premier journals namely Nature cell biology.



A nobel vision of Bio-medical research is to create a Disease free Earth. The Genome-2-Bio-Medicine Discovery (GBMD) Center aims to play its part in creating one:

    • Through miRNA/Natural product-based therapeutics program
    • Through development of Longevity Medicines
    • By providing Bio-Medical/Pharma/Therapeutic Ideas & Disease-solving/curing/treating solutions to Scientists/Physicians/Researchers/Medical Professionals
    • By offering innovative educational programs



  • To provide bio-medical/pharma/therapeutic ideas to Scientists/Researchers/Physicians/Medical Professionals
  • To develop miRNA/Natural product-based therapeutics
  • To develop Longevity medicines
  • To review research articles for authors/journals
  •  To provide consultancy to Biotechnology pharmaceutical companies/universities/IITs/INSERs/NITs
  • To organize meetings/conferences/symposia


  • To offer M.S programs in Cancer Biology, Stem cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine, Molecular Medicine, Genome   Biology & Bio-Medical Sciences.  Refer B-MERIT for details
  • To provide guidance to increase research productivity of state universities/private/medical colleges
  • To provide research project training


  • To target bio-chemical pathways through miRNAs
  • To develop medicines based on miRNAs
  • To provide ideas/projects/proposals to Researchers/Scientists/Faculties/Clinicians/Medical Doctors/Practitioners
  • To disseminate hypothesis and models in bio-medical sciences to Scientists/Faculties/Physicians/Clinicians/Post-doctoral Fellows/Ph.D students
  • To offer innovative M.S  courses in Bio-Medical Sciences
  • To organize Conferences/Meetings/Workshops/Symposia
  • To provide career guidance & competitive exam coaching
  • To review research articles for authors/scientists/faculties/journals