Dr Boominathan Ph.D

Dr L. Boominathan Ph.D.

M.Sc., (JIPMER, India), M.Sc., (FGSWI, Israel), Ph.D., (NUS, Singapore), PDF (NEITPI, Boston; MDA, Houston, USA)


President Director-cum-Chief scientist




Dr. Boominathan was trained as a general chemist during his undergraduate degree at Tagore Arts college/Pondicherry University (India), where he was one among the top three rank holders in his specialization in the college.  Then, he began his bio-medical career in style by standing first in the all India entrance examination conducted for Pre-doctoral (Master of Science) paramedical program (3 years course) in Medical biochemistry in the Faculty of Medicine at JIPMER (One of the three best medical colleges in India), where he secured a university third rank in the final year examinations.  During his stay at JIPMER, he was primarily trained as a Paramedic.  While pursuing his Pre-doctoral studies at JIPMER, he was trained in Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB, Hyderabad) and Banaras Hindu University (BHU, Varanasi).

Then, he was trained in India’s major research institutes such as Indian Institute of Science (IISc, Bangalore),  and the Bose Institute (Kolkatta).  Based on his research trainings, and the high score—94.28—he had obtained in Graduate aptitude test in Engineering (GATE) [conducted by the Indian Institute of  Technologies (IITs) and the IISc at the all India level; and, by the way, he cleared GATE twice (1995-General Science & Engineering) (1996-Life Sciences)], he received a meritorious fellowship to join a graduate program at the Feinberg graduate school of the Weizmann Institute of Science (FGSWIS), Rehovot, Israel, where he researched on the most mutated/studied gene in human cancer, the tumor suppressor and the guardian of the genome, p53 under the supervision of –Nobel Laureate, Prof. David Baltimore’s former Post-doctoral fellow and–the former Dean, FGSWIS, and the present Chairperson of the DMCB, FGSWIS, Prof. Varda Rotter.  He scored 85% of marks in course/research/thesis work examination and this fetched him a Pre-doctoral research M.Sc. degree in Life science.  Dr Boominathan had also carried out his research under the supervision of the scientists–Profs. Joseph Sperling & Ruth Sperling (HU, Israel), FGSWIS– who have discovered the Pre-mRNA processing machine for the first time in the world.  Afterwards, Dr Boominathan was invited to join a number of international institutes, including Institute for Experimental Pathology, Germany; Frederick Miescher Institute of Biomedical Sciences (FMIBS), Switzerland; and National Cancer Centre (NCC), Singapore.  He  joined FMIBS (Switzerland) and researched under the supervision of the scientist, who is recognized for his ground breaking research on cell signalling molecules such as p70S6K1 and S6K2, and the present director of Metabolic diseases institute (Genome Research Institute, Cinciniati, USA), Prof. George Thomas.  After a brief stint at the FMIBS, he joined NCC, Singapore.  While he was working at the National Cancer Center (NCC, Singapore), he was nominated for the Best researcher award (2002).  His research work revealed for the first time that the tumor suppressor p53 homologue, p73 could increase the transcriptional activity of the proto-oncogene, c-Jun, which, in turn could increase the stability of the tumor preventing protein p73.  This fetched him a Ph.D degree from National university of Singapore (NUS); Singapore in 2005 (NUS held 18th rank in the world in the field of Bio-Medicine as per the QS Times Higher Education Supplement World university rankings, 2011).  The research work that Dr Boominathan had carried out at NCC has led the laboratory leader of Molecular carcinogenesis to obtain an International patent worth of 1 billion american dollars/year.  To quote their own words, “The potential market for such a drug could easily be in excess of US$ ONE billion/year.” Refer posters 1 to 5 under Research–Conference publications  of this website to ascertain Dr Boominathan’s research contributions.

Dr Boominathan has studied Pre-clinical subjects such as Medical Biochemistry, Human Physiology and Human Anatomy during the I year of Master’s programme at JIPMER; and these courses were conducted along with the I year of MBBS students. In the II & III year of Master’s programme, Dr Boominathan has studied Medical Biochemistry, Endocrinology, Clinical Biochemistry & Nutritional Biochemistry etc. and these  courses were conducted along with MD Biochemistry students. Having studied in the Faculty of Medicine during his Pre-doctoral studies  (3 years) and the Doctoral studies (~5 years), Dr Boominathan is close to being considered as a Physician-Scientist.

Later on, he was offered Postdoctoral positions in USA (i.e., at National institute of health (NIH), New Jercy), Germany, Canada, and France, but then he joined as a Senior Research Scientist/Post-doctoral research associate at New England inflammation and tissue protection institute (NEITPI), Boston, USA, where he worked with the past Chief of Immunology Division, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases (NIAID), NIH and the present Presidential Scholar/Professor of Harvard Institute of Medicine; and Director of NEITPI.  During his post-doctoral training, he worked on mechanism of tumor protection & cancer Immunotherapy.  Dr Boominathan’s research work at NEITPI gave an indication that inhibition of Hypoxia inducible factor-1 could increase the expression of anti-tumor molecules such as Interferon-gamma.  Afterwards, he took up another post-doctoral training at MD Anderson Cancer center (Number one center for cancer care in the USA), Houston, USA, where he worked on the role of the tumor suppressor p53 homologues p63 and p73 in control of cell proliferation, senescence and tumorigenesis.  Dr Boominathan’s research work at MD Anderson Cancer center revealed for the first time that (i) p73/p63 is required for the proliferation of MEFs, (ii) p63 increases DNA synthesis; (iii) p63 is required for S-phase entry in immortalized cells; and (iv) p63 increases the expression of cell cycle related proteins such as Cyclins.

Remarkably, Dr Boominathan was the first one in the world to propose a p73/p63-dependent cancer suppressor pathway (Supported by a legally valid Invention disclosure document certified by an advocate-2002/3).  Dr Boominathan has to his credit numerous international research publications, and invited lectures.  He is the sole inventor of an international patent published by the  World patent office (Geneva, Switzerland) recently.  He is also an inventor of a number of drug discovery related provisional patents/invention disclosures.  Refer Dr Boomi’s “research contributions” under “research” tab of this website for full details.

Based on the training he had received as a bio-medical scientist for about twenty years, he founded a biotech company and an educational institute, namely Genome-2-Bio-Medicine Discovery Center (GBMD) (a registered organization of Dept. of Industries & Commerce, Govt of Puducherry) & Bio-Medical Education, Research & Innovation Institute of Technology (B-MERIIT), respectively.  He is the present Director-cum-Chief-scientist of GBMD & B-MERIIT, Pondicherry.  The GBMD aims to develop drugs for a number of human diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, & Stem cell disease.  Furthermore, the GBMD aims to identify drugs that: a) increase lifespan of an individual, b) improve learning; c) increase memory; d) inhibit ageing; and e) increase adult stem cell proliferation.  Last but not least, Dr. Boominathan’s recent publications from GBMD were published in high impact journals, such as Cancer & metastasis review & Plos One (in the field of miRNAs).  Evidently, these were the one of the most downloaded/read/viewed articles of the years 2010-2014.

GBMD Chief Scientist Dr Boominathan PhD had posted more than 6, 300 Bio-medical/pharma/therapeutic/clinical ideas (as of March, 2014) in the website http://genomediscovery.org/category/ideas/ with the noble intention to (i) serve science relentlessly; and (ii) take the science forward at the faster rate so that patients who suffer from diseases can be cured faster.  Kindly visit this website to know more http://genomediscovery.org/ideas/bio-medical-ideas-1000/.  Dr Boominathan was the first one in the world to provide an innovative research solution to ongoing research in the field of Biology/p53/p63/p73/cancer biology/Bio-Medicine. Considering that every idea proposed is based on scientific evidence/logic/literature, each of them will become a research manuscript in the coming years. Besides, some of the ideas posted provide guidelines for a new direction of research. If every scientist, who views the idea, sites Dr Boominathan’s contribution towards the idea, then he will become one of the most prolific Scientist recognized throughout the world. Placing high hope on the integrity of scientists/faculty members/researchers, who view the ideas for no cost, there is a good chance that this could indeed be true. This selfless effort is indeed appreciated by scientists/researchers/faculties, who visit Dr Boominathan company’s website regularly, from more than seventy-two nations.

Dr Boominathan has served as a faculty member in Pondicherry Central university, India. He had earlier been invited to attend the interview (Feb, 2012) for an Associate Professor position (Interview letter for Associate Professor position from Pondicherry Central University.jpg ).  Dr Boominathan is eligible to be considered for a Professor position, as per University Grants Commission (UGC) regulations and the medical council of India (MCI) regulations.  The UGC regulation (2011) states that faculty members who obtain an “academic performance indicator” score of  300 and 400 are eligible to be considered for Associate Professor and Professor positions, respectively.   Dr Boominathan has an impressive score of 900 above.

Besides, Dr Boominathan is eligible to be considered for Professorship as an outstanding Professional. Given that Dr L Boominathan has posted more than 6300 Bio-medical/pharma/therapeutic/clinical ideasa credit shared by no other bio-scientist in the world, this should not be surprising.

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