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To cite:

Name (Boominathan), Title (p63/73 controls the expression of nociceptors, pruriceptors and thermoceptors through its target genes), Date/Month/Year of posting, Institution/Company (Genome-2-Bio-Medicine Discovery center (GBMD), Website (

GBMD Chief Scientist Dr Boominathan Ph.D. was the first one to inform the International science community that  both p63 and p73 regulate:

·         Temperature

·         Pain & Neutopathic pain

.         Human Height

·         Taste perception

·         Itching Sensation

·         Regeneration of Human Tissues

·         Longevity

·         Muscle mass/regeneration

·         Meiosis

·         Cognitive function, learning & memory

·         Caloric restriction/Energy expenditure/Food Intake

.         Uterine development,embryo implantation and decidualization

·         Exercise capacity

·         Skeletal mechanosensing 

·         Folliculogenesis

·         Saliva secretion

·         Axonogenesis 

.         Autism

·         Dentinogenesis 

·         Centrosome biogenesis 

·         Nephrogenesis 

·         Cellular respiration 

·         Antioxidant genes 

·         Age-related macular degeneration 

·         Mitochondrial biogenesis 

·         Mesoderm differentiation 

·         Xenobiotic metabolizing proteins

·         Age-related Progeria

·         Lens morphogenesis and corneal epithelium stratification 

·         Formation of murine teeth 

·         Formation of murine Joint

·         Cardiac ageing  

·         Adrenergic receptor

·         Pigmentation

.         Organanogenesis

.         Salt intake

.         Sepsis

.         Depression-related behaviour

.         Melanogenesis

·          (This is just to highlight some of the important ones)

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