M.S in Genome Biology

M.S I year

Semester I:

1. Biochemistry

2. Molecular Cellular biology

3. Advanced Molecular biology

4. Molecular Cellular Immunology

5. Molecular Epidemiology & Biostatistics

6. Introduction to computers, functional and comparative genomics
7. Optional 1*: Career in Industry/Bio-technology company: How to be an industrialist/entrepreneur; & NCP/ICP
Semester II:

1. General concepts in Genome Biology

2. Bioinformatics & Telemedicine

3. Computational biology and Proteomics

4. Genome/Personalized Medicine

5. Current methods in Genome Research

6. Science communication in writing

7. Optional 2*: Career in Teaching: How to be an effective teacher; & NCP/ICP

•Note: Based on the assessment made in the I year, teachers/HOD can recommend additional courses for students, depending on their shortcomings.

M.S II year

Semester III:

1. Advanced Genome Biology

2. Pathway Biology/Medicine

3. Human Genome and its applications in Biopharmaceutical Industry

4. Biology of small RNAs & RNA therapeutics

5. Network Biology/Modelling/Engineering & its applications in Biopharmaceutical Industry/

6. Lecture/Oral presentation skills development

7. Optional 3*: Career in Science: How to be a Scientist/Researcher; & NCP/ICP

Add-on courses: Nutrigenomics

M.S Project commences
Semester IV:

1. Systems biology & Programming

2. Biological Databases, Bio-data curation, & Bio-chipTechnologies

3. Drug discovery, Experimental Therapeutics and Translational Research

4. Current Methods in Genome Research

5. Management, Intellectual property rights law, and ethics for biologists.

6. Seminar- Current topics in Genome Biology

7. Optional 4*: Career in bio-medical diagnosis: How to manage a clinical chemistry laboratory; & NCP/ICP

*NCP: National Career Path

*ICP: International Career Path