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Idea Proposed/Formulated byDr L Boominathan Ph.D.

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Significance: This study suggests, for the first time, that Roquin, by down regulation of its target gene, it may increase the expression of metastasis suppressor PDCD4.  Thus, pharmacological formulations containing “Roquin activators” can be used in the treatment of human cancers.

To citeBoominathan,   Molecular therapy for Human Cancer: Roquin [RING finger and CCCH-type zinc finger domain-containing protein 1] increases the expression of  tumor suppressor PDCD4 via down regulation of its target gene, 8/March/2015, 22.34,  Genome-2-Bio-Medicine Discovery center (GBMD), http://genomediscovery.org

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Undisclosed information: How Roquin increases the expression of PDCD4


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