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  1. Vikhanskaya FToh WHDulloo IWu QBoominathan LNg HHVousden KHSabapathy K. p73 supports cellular growth through c-Jun-dependent AP-1 transactivation.Nat Cell Biol. 2007 Jun;9(6):698-705. Epub 2007 May :13. Impact factor: 19.407. The work is an integral part of Dr Boominathan’s Ph.D thesis []
  2. Boominathan L.The guardians of the genome (p53, TA-p73, and TA-p63) are regulators of tumor suppressor miRNAs network.Cancer Metastasis Rev. 2010 Dec;29(4):613-39. Impact factor: 10.573 (2011) The data discussed in this study was found to be reproduced recently in JAMA(Impact factor: 28.89; Fabbri et al., 2011 Jan 5;305(1):59-67); and The EMBO Journal (Impact factor: 8.993; Ugalde et al., Apr 26 2011). Most downloaded article of the year 2011-2012. 
  3. Boominathan L.The tumor suppressors p53, p63, and p73 are regulators of microRNA processing complex. PLoS One. 2010 May 12;5(5):e10615.This is one of the most viewed articles in the miRNA and tumor suppressor genes field; The data presented in this study was found to be reproduced recently in Cell (Impact factor: ~31; Martello et al., Jun 25, 2010); Nature (Impact factor:~31.5; Xu et al., Oct 21, 2010); and J Clin Invest (Impact factor:15.38; Ory et al.,   Jan 10, 2011). Most viewed/read article of the year 2010-2011. Gmail – Boominathan L The tumor suppressors p53, p63, and p73 are regulators of microRNA processing complex
  4. Boominathan L.Some facts and thoughts: p73 as a tumor suppressor gene in the network of tumor suppressors.              Mol Cancer. 2007 Apr 3;6:27. Impact factor: 5.32 (2007)
  5. Toh WHSiddique MMBoominathan LLin KWSabapathy Kc-Jun regulates the stability and activity of the p53 homologue, p73. J Biol Chem. 2004 Oct 22;279(43):44713-22. Epub 2004 Aug 9.Impact factor: 5.328. This work is an integral part of Dr Boominathan’s Ph.D thesis []
  6. Boominathan p63, p73, & p53 are negative regulators of epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT), invasion & metastasis Nature Precedings- 2009 – The data presented in this study was found to be reproduced recently in Nature cell biology (Impact factor: 19.7; Chang et al., 20 Feb 2011); J Exp Med.  (Impact factor: 15.46; Kim et al., Apr 2011) ); Cell Death Differ. (Impact factor: 8.24; Magenta et al., Apr 2011); and Cell Research (Impact factor: 8.151; Schubert, Apr 2011)
  7. Boominathan Tumor suppressors function as a bottleneck against cellular reprogramming into iPS cells -Nature Precedings-2009 –
  8. Boominathan The TA-p73 functions as a Lung tumor suppressor by increasing the expression of miRNA, let-7 Nature Precedings– Nature Precedings -2010 –
  9. Boominathan Tumor suppressors p53, p63, and p73 inhibit migrating cancer stem cells by increasing the expression of stem cell suppressing miRNAs Nature Precidings- 2010 –
  10. Boominathan ∆ N-p63 functions as an invasion, migration, and metastasis suppressor Nature Precedings – 2010 –
  11. LP Boominathan Curcumin Functions as a Positive Regulator of miRNA Processing & a Negative Regulator of Cancer Stem Cell Proliferation Nature Precedings- 2009 –
  12. Boominathan The guardians of the genome dependent tumor suppressor miRNAs network Nature Precedings – 2009 –
  •  Boominathan L, p53/TA-p63/p73 negatively regulates xxxx signal transduction pathway through its target miRNAs (Submitted)
  •  Boominathan L, The Tumor Suppressors p53, p63 and p73 function as Sentinels of Reprogramming   (Submitted)
  • Boominathan L, HIF therapeutics: Strategies: From stabilizers and repressors proteins to activators and inhibitors Book/Review (Submitted)
  • Boominathan L ∆N-p63 is an invasion, migration, and metastasis suppressor (Submitted)
  • Boominathan L A single xxxx targets a number of components in a biological Pathway (In preparation)
  • Boominathan L p53/TAp63/p73 regulates xxxx  through its target  miRNAs (In preparation)
  • Boominathan L p53, p63 and p73 regulate EMT, metastasis and Cancer stem cell proliferation (Inpreparation)
  • Boominathan L The tumor suppressors p53, p73 and p63 regulate xxxx stability through p53-miRs (In preparation)
  •  Boominathan L The TA-p73/p63-dependent tumor suppressor pathway  (In preparation)  
  • Boominathan L The p53/p63/p73 network links multiple tumor suppressor pathways (In preparation)
  • Boominathan L…. The p53 homologue, p63 plays a role in control of cell proliferation (In preparation)
  • Boominathan L Suppression of XXXX activity is required to induce TA p73/p63-dependent chemosensitivity (Submission in progress)
  • Boominathan L Toll signalingHow Turmeric functions as an anti-infective/diabetic/cancer agent (Submission in progress)
  •  Boominathan L XXXX controls cancer stem cell proliferation, tumorigenesis, and Reprogramming by regulating XXXX Regulator circuit (In preparation)
  • Boominathan L XXXX represses XXXX that suppress cancer stem cell (CSC) proliferation, while increases miRNAs that promote CSC proliferation.  (In preparation)
  • Boominathan L p53 and TA-p73/p63 regulate components of the XXXX machinery through their target miRNAs (In preparation)
  • Boominathan L The TA-p73/p63 functions as a XXXX tumor suppressor by increasing the expression of  XXXX (In preparation)
  • Boominathan L The tumor suppressors p53, p73 and p63 regulate XXXX stability through p53-miRs (In preparation)
  •  Boominathan L p53/p63/p73 regulates phosphorylation dependent stabilization of XXXX processing complex (In preparation)
  •  Boominathan L, and Sitkovsky M Regulation of HIF regulated pathways: What we know and what we need to know. Review (In preparation)
  • Boominathan L p53, TAp73, and TAp63 dependent miRNAs target XXXX proteins to increase the   apoptotic sensitivity of cancer cells (In preparation)
  • Boominathan L (One of the coauthors) & J. C. Schwamborn The p73-XXXX pathway plays an essential role in Neuronal stem cells proliferation & differentiation (Submitted)
  1.  Boominathan L GATE Qualified candidates & CSIR-NET UGC lectureship examination 2011, Current Science ISSN: 011-3891  GATE qualified candidates and NETCSIRUGC lectureship examination.
  2. Boominathan L Standardizing the standards of research in Universities in India (In preparation)
  3. Boominathan L Exemption from the requirement of a Successful guidance of minimum of one Ph.D. candidate for a Professor position in Universities (Submitted to Current Science)