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Thomson Reuter’s Nobel prize Nominee (2013) Prof. Adrian P. Bird (Univ of Edinburg, UK) has published a paper in Molecular Cell stating that “Neuronal MeCP2 is expressed at near histone-octamer levels and globally alters the methylation pattern” (Bird APMol Cell. 2010 Feb 26;37(4):457-68).

In connection with this finding, Dr Boominathan, Founder Director-cum-chief scientist of GBMD, reports that the tumor suppressor p53 homologue, p63 regulates MeCP2 expression through its target gene IKKα. This finding suggests that expression of p63 may have greater impact on the methylation pattern. 

Idea Proposed byDr L Boominathan Ph.D.

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To citeBoominathan, The Follow-up work of Pro-Nob(Bird)el’s favorite: The tumor suppressor p63 regulates MeCP2 expression through its target gene IKKα, 7/October/2013, 13.25,  Genome-2-Bio-Medicine Discovery center (GBMD), http://genomediscovery.org

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