Vision & Mission


A  nobel vision of Bio-medical research is to create a Disease free Earth. The Genome-2-Bio-Medicine  Discovery (GBMD) Center aims to play its part in creating one:

  • Through miRNA/Natural product-based therapeutics program
  • Through development of Longevity Medicines
  • By providing Bio-Medical/Pharma/Therapeutic Ideas & Disease-solving/curing/treating solutions to     Scientists/Physicians/Researchers/Medical Professionals
  • By offering innovative educational programs




  • To provide bio-medical/pharma/therapeutic ideas to Scientists/Researchers/Physicians/Medical Professionals
  • To develop miRNA/Natural product-based therapeutics
  • To develop Longevity medicines
  • To review research articles for authors/journals
  •  To provide consultancy to Biotechnology pharmaceutical companies/universities/IITs/INSERs/NITs
  • To organize meetings/conferences/symposia


  • To offer M.S programs in Cancer Biology, Stem cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine, Molecular Medicine, Genome   Biology & Bio-Medical Sciences.  Refer B-MERIT for details
  • To provide guidance to increase research productivity of state universities/private/medical colleges
  • To provide research project training