M.S in Bio-Medical Sciences

M.S in Bio-Medical Sciences Program: 

M.S I year

Semester I

1. Biochemistry

2. Molecular Cellular biology

3. Advanced Molecular biology

4. Molecular Cellular Immunology

5. Molecular Epidemiology & Biostatistics

6. Introduction to computers, functional and comparative genomics

7. Optional 1*: Career in Industry/Bio-technology company: How to be an industrialist/entrepreneur; & NCP/ICP
Semester II

1. General concepts in Molecular Medicine

2. Cancer biology and cancer therapeutics

3. Stem Cell biology, Regenerative Medicine, and Stem cell therapeutics

4. Transcription Biology

5. Current methods in Bio-Medical Research

6. Science communication in writing

7. Optional 2*: Career in Teaching: How to be an effective teacher; & NCP/ICP

•Note: Based on the assessment made in the I year, teachers/HOD can recommend additional courses for students, depending on their shortcomings.

M.S II year

Semester III

1. Expression cloning, Bio-protein production, purification, & Vaccine Development

2. Animal models for Human diseases: Gene Knockout/Knockin

3. Molecular basis of Human Diseases

4. Genome/Personalized Medicine

5. Biology of small RNAs & RNA therapeutics

6. Lecture/Oral presentation skills development

7. Optional 3*: Career in Science: How to be a Scientist/Researcher; & NCP/ICP

· M.S Project commences
Semester I V

1. Medical Bioinformatics & Telemedicine

2. Computational biology, Proteomics & Genome Biology

3. Drug discovery, Experimental Therapeutics, & Translational Research

4. Current Methods in Bio-Medical Research

5. Management, Intellectual property rights law, and ethics for biologists.

6. Seminar- Current topics in Bio-Medical Sciences

7. Optional 4*: Career in bio-medical diagnosis: How to manage a clinical chemistry laboratory; & NCP/ICP

*NCP: National Career Path

*ICP: International Career Path