Career guidance

  • Career guidance will be given to those who will be interested in pursuing their higher studies in abroad (US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Israel etc.) and in India
  • Ph.D/M.S/M.D/MDS/MPT/M.Phil/M.Sc. project guidance (in biological/bio-medical/cancer sciences) will be provided
  • Project/Thesis guides/supervisors will be assigned to those  who will be interested inpursuing part-time/full-time Ph.D/M.S/M.D/MDS/MPT/M.Phil degree
  • A highly qualified scientist will provide  guidance/instructions throughout the research project
  • Guidance will be provided to increase the publication rate/research productivity of faculties/Ph.D/M.Phil students
  • A nominal fee will be charged for the research project/thesis guidance provided