Submit your Ideas

1.  Knowledge drives research.  Knowledge promotes/drives creativity. Research drives/advances Discovery/Knowledge. Bio-medical research finds drugs for human  diseases.

2. Good Ideas are uncommon and unique.  Good ideas require intense thinking.  Thinkingnot only requires knowledge, but also considerable amount of time. Unfortunately, time is money. Therefore, we let you submit/share your ideas/biological questions with Science community and get credit/money for your ideas.

3. Your ideas will be reviewed by GBMD scientists before posting.  This requires considerable amount of time and therefore we charge a very nominal fee of $20 or its equivalent, which is non-refundable.

4. Summarize your ideas—with appropriate references for review—in the PowerPoint presentation.  Provide a brief description.  Fix a price for your idea. We will not accept any idea without appropriate references.  We will not accept any published idea.

5. Model template is pasted below for your reference

6. Send your ideas/models/proposals in the pdf form to

7. Fill-in the registration form and send it to us.

8. Upon receiving your idea, GBMD administrator will send you an email.

9. Then, provide you with transaction details to deposit $20 or its equivalent.

10. Upon receiving the registration form, GBMD Scientist will review your idea.

11. After the review, we will intimate the outcome of the review.  If it is positive, then, we will post your idea on the GBMD’s website.

12. We will short-list scientists who work in the area of your idea; and intimate  them the brief description of  the idea provided by you. 

13. Bio-Medical/Clinical/therapeutic/pharma idea seekers will buy your idea for the price fixed by you if they find your idea useful.  You will make profit by posting your idea.  We will post your idea on our website for 6 months.  We charge only the 1/10 of the profit you make from your idea. We will try our best to keep the entire process as transparent as possible.

14. In any event, in an effort to support your career progress, we will immediately send atestimonial from GBMD scientists stating that you are an inventor—with the signature of the scientist who reviewed your idea–with the title of your idea.

15. You may have  numerous ideas. However, it is impossible to test all of them in your laboratory.  Therefore, this is a great opportunity for life scientists, physicians, faculty members, researchers, post-doctoral fellows and the bright and intelligent post-graduate students to share their bio-medical/clinical/pharma/therapeutic ideas with the science community and to get credit for their ideas.  This is not only useful for researchers who are in the beginning of their career, but also for the  professors/scientists who have retired from their service to serve the science relentlessly and make some profit.

16. Let us share our bio-ideas with the bio-science community for the good cause of science.  Let us help the science to progress at the faster rate by providing innovative ideas to scientists/faculties in institution/industries.

17. Idea providers are expected to be familiar with the terms and conditions proposed by GBMD Scientists:

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