Terms and conditions

GBDM(Genome-2-Bio-Medicine Discovery Center)’s agreement between Idea provider (IP)  and

the Idea seeker

Kindly spent your valuable time to read this agreement (A) between GBDM’s Idea provider/Idea provider (GBDM-IP/IP) and the Idea seeker(s).  From now on, this agreement will be denoted as GBDM-IPISA or IPISA. The idea seeker, who intends to use the idea/hypothesis/model proposed by the GBDM-IPISA/IPISA, needs to agree with the following conditions:

1. Idea seeker understands and agrees that if he/she clicks“ I agree” tab and proceed to the next step, then it means that he/she agrees with the terms and conditions laid out in this agreement between Idea seeker and the GBDM-IP/IP. 

2. If the GBDM-IP/IP’s  idea is used by faculty members/Scientists/Physician-Scientists/Post-doctoral fellows/Researchers in the university/governmental organizations/educational institutions (non-profitable organizations), then nominal cost will be applicable, as indicated on this webpage http://genomediscovery.org/category/ideas/.

3. If the GBDM-IP/IP’s  idea forms the basis for publications, then Idea seeker should giveauthorship credits to IP.  The IP need not be the first author of the paper.

4. If the GBDM-IP/IP’s idea is used by pharmaceutical/bio-technology companies (profitable organizations), then other conditions will be applicable.

5. Irrespective of the fact that whether it is a profitable or non-profitable organization, if the GBDM-IP/IP’s idea (or, modification of the idea) forms the basis for filing a patent application/drug development/commercialization, then (1) other costs/conditions will be applicable; and (2) Idea seeker should give inventorship credit to the IP.

6. IP takes the sole legal responsibility for the idea he/she submits it to the GBDM.  Similarly, GBDM’s-IP  will take legal responsibility for the idea he/she posts on the company website. 

7. By submitting an idea to the GBDM, IP certifies and states that (i) his/her idea does not infringe on any third party agreement; and (ii) he/she has the right to grant licence to the Idea seeker.

8. GBMD will provide the details of each idea (with a description explaining the idea, figure explaining the concept, and references) posted on its website only to five different research teams/institutions/companies. [That is, each idea posted on its website will only be distributed to five different research teams, as this will give reasonable chance for each research team to co-publish its research findings in the journal of its interest.  Each research team that buys the idea from GBMD will receive information about who else has bought the idea posted on its website]

9. Idea seeker may prefer to block other research teams from buying the idea by paying five times the cost of the idea (optional).

10. Idea seeker certifies that the information provided on the Registration form is correct.

11. GBDM’s Scientists have all the right to (i) verify the details provided by the Idea seeker; and (ii) make changes to the Terms and conditions proposed here.

12. As we stated earlier in our idea generating model, each idea proposed is based onscientific evidence.  We do not post any idea without any scientific evidence/literature support.

13. Anyone who would like to moderate/alter/change the terms and conditions  proposed above by the GBMD’s scientists with any other sort of arrangement (for instance, research co-operation between your team and the GBMD with out the assigned fee for the idea posted) can individually write to info@genomediscovery.org to get company’s approval.  In other words, you may write to us with your desired terms and conditions to get company’s approval.

14. Finally, the GBMD aims to work on the “Principle of fairness” to satisfy the needs of our customers. If you have a fair terms and conditions, then write to us (info@genomediscovery.org) so that we could consider presenting it to the management to get its approval.

15. Non-profitable organizations/institutions may request for “fee waiver”–with reasons why they should be approved-–by writing to us at info@genomediscovery.org

For Transaction/Payment details: 

For payment through Paypal Account : our Paypal email Account id :DrBoomi@genomediscovery.org

For payment through Bank : 

Our Bank Name : State Bank of India

Branch : Pondicherry Main

Address: State Bank of India-MICR, 5, Rue Safferen, II Floor, Puducherry- 605 001, India

State Bank of India’s Phone: 0091-413-2221285

Branch number/IFSC/SWIFT can be obtained by writing to info@genomediscovery.org